Aluf Holdings acquires, manages, and propels next generation
technology companies
into the future.

Our mission

At Aluf Holdings, our mission is  clear: Optimize shareholder value by strategically advancing Biotech and Biometric solutions. Our commitment to excellence, respect, and integrity ensures ethical conduct in every interaction with employees, providers, and shareholders, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.


Biometrics is the pivotal cornerstone in next-generation identity and security, particularly at the intersection with blockchain. This integration empowers organizations to streamline applications by simplifying processes while ensuring robust identity protection.

Biotechnology unleashes the latent power of living systems through groundbreaking genetic manipulation and innovative applications. This catalyzes revolutionary progress across healthcare, agriculture, and industrial domains, promising transformative advancements with far-reaching implications.
AI & Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses systems replicating human intelligence, while Blockchain ensures a secure, decentralized ledger. These transformative technologies offer groundbreaking solutions across diverse technology sectors.
Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions combine hardware, software, and services, while leveraging technologies like cloud computing, data analytics, and AI. These solutions span industries offering holistic approaches that drive innovation and address interconnected problems.

Our Vision and Commitment

Growth Targets
– Well-established enterprises boasting proven financial success and substantial backlog, without the need for significant capital investment. Our focus lies on companies embracing emerging technologies and markets, thereby delivering superior solutions to meet evolving marketplace demands.
Portfolio Diversity – Revenue derived from a diversified portfolio, incorporating both evergreen recurring income and project-based earnings, ensuring stability and sustainability across our business entities.

Sustainable Financial Performance – Achieving consistent profitability and growth by properly managing resources to generate value for shareholders and stakeholders through a business strategy that mitigates risks, seizes opportunities, and builds operational resilience.
Experienced Team  – Subject matter experts, with a track record of success. The right talent, timing, and dedication, for unmatched business and financial success.
When it comes to entities acquired into the Aluf family, we will consistently champion a platform that makes a positive impact on the lives of all our constituents by striving to improve the quality of life of the employees and enhancing the client experience through an uncompromising pursuit of best in class service delivery.

– Aluf Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors.