Aluf Holdings acquires, manages, and propels next generation
technology companies
into the future.

Our mission

At Aluf Holdings, our mission is to create shareholder value by pursuing growth opportunities that improve profitability within our core sectors: Biometrics and Biotech, maintaining a focus on Business, Technology, and Personal Wellness.  We are committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations and conduct. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with employees, providers, and shareholders.


Biometrics is the essential personal link to next-generation identity & security. Aluf is focusing efforts on biometrics technology and its intersection with blockchain.

A revolutionary technology with the efficiency, speed, transparency and immutability that is changing the world. The future is blockchain, and Aluf intends to bring it forward.

Software is to hardware what the human mind is to the body. Aluf believes in utilizing the most advanced applications to effectively continue to shape the future of technology.

From biomechatronic prosthesis, augmented reality enabled lenses, biometric enabled security cameras at the airport, to scalable distributed hardware systems, Aluf will have a hand in it.

Industries Served

Law Enforcement
Service Industries

Investment Appeal

High-Margin Business Targets
– Software and services focused. Does not require capital expense of a hardware manufacturing operation. Can quickly adapt to emerging trends and technologies.
Superior, Sustainable Financial Performance – Acquires only well-established businesses with proven track record of success and financial stability.

Diversified Revenue Mix – Balanced portfolio of evergreen recurring revenue and project-based revenue which delivers smooth, long-term revenue stream for investors while meeting short-term revenue targets.
Highly Experienced Board and Management Team – Best-of-breed team of subject matter experts in each of the areas and verticals the company is focused on. Right people, right timing, right track to success.

Investor Relations


Most Recent Press Releases
When it comes to entities acquired into the Aluf family, we will consistently champion a platform that makes a positive impact on the lives of all our constituents by striving to improve the quality of life of the employees and enhancing the client experience through an uncompromising pursuit of best in class service delivery.

– Aluf Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors.