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Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Donald C. Bennett

Donald Bennett is the founder and recently retired President and Chief Operating Officer of Bennett Bolt Works, a precision manufacturer/distributor of engineered fasteners for highway, bridge and building construction, headquartered in Jordon, NY.

Mr. Bennett has more than 40 years’ experience in public markets, including advising multiple public companies on growth, expansion and marketing plans as they introduced various products to national and international markets. He is a former member of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the American Road and Transportation Builder’s Association, among others. He has also a task force member of the Association of General Contractors Joint Committee on New Highway Materials.

Mr. Bennett attended Cooper Union School of Engineering where he studied Civil Engineering. He also studied Engineering in the Coast Guard Academy. Mr. Bennett is a veteran, serving as an officer in the U.S. Army.


Teresa McWilliams

For over 30 years, Teresa McWilliams has applied strong analytical skills, strategic planning and guidance for public and privately-held companies. As Interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of Aluf Holdings, Inc., Ms. McWilliams is responsible for developing and managing financial strategies, capital generation, financial regulations and relationships with key financial institutions and private equity firms for the corporation.

Prior to her joining Aluf, Ms. McWilliams was Chief Financial Officer and and Acting Director for American Scientific Resources were she secured over $5,000,000 in working capital through private placements as well as directed activities related to custodian of funds, securities and assets of the organization. She was also named acting CFO for Next One Interactive.

Ms. McWilliams began her professional career in finance with Merrill Lynch. She was recruited by a highly-regarded, regional CPA firm, worked in securities as a Compliance Officer, and Corporate Controller for a securities broker-dealer. Later, she founded and operated a successful professional tax and business consulting firm specializing in compliance, accounting, business and personal tax issues. During extensive consulting engagements with various C-level executives, she has participated in a number of complex IPOs and Mergers & Acquisitions.

She is a key asset in driving ongoing acquisitions, development, and future growth of Aluf Holdings, Inc.

Ms. McWilliams attended Sawyer College, University of Phoenix, and Trinity Colleges & University for her post graduate degrees in Accounting, Finance, Economic Development, and Business Administration.

Board Member

Lisa Marks-Canty

Blockchain Ninja – Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Marks-Canty – is a progressive and exceptional entrepreneur with a solid track record of success in a variety of industries. She is the CEO of ChainNinja, a Blockchain strategy and development company focused on evangelizing Blockchain technology for the Enterprise.

Lisa has been a process improvement specialist for overs 15 years and continues to foster new innovation for the enterprise with her experience in Strategic Management & Strategy Execution. She has held leadership roles in multinational companies, as well as small organizations; leading and managing multifaceted and multicultural business organizations.

Lisa has an in-depth understanding of various business operations, with a proven track record driving and supporting business growth by streamlining processes, reducing operational costs while improving quality, efficiency & productivity. She uses her diversified experience and leadership in business, to create process improvements and efficiencies for the enterprise by using new distributed ledger technologies and analytics.

She advises and guides in a variety of industries (including aviation, finance, and supply chain) to identify the right use cases for their business and taking the company through use case development to the deployment of their Blockchain and distributed applications. Lisa’s experience and thought leadership in business, process improvement, social advocacy, ground-breaking technology and innovation have shaped her into a unique and revolutionary leader in technology.

Board Member

Blaine Frederick

Blaine Frederick is a seasoned Biometric and Physical Security expert.  Mr. Frederick is a Co-Founder and a Principal of BDIS which provides Consultation and Professional services for the physical security market.

Previously, Mr. Frederick held the role of VP, Product at EyeLock, where he was responsible for the firm’s vision for iris authentication products and solutions in both physical and logical security as well as their numerous commercial applications. Prior to joining EyeLock, Mr. Frederick was the Director of Product Management at STANLEY Security, a global division of Stanley Black & Decker.

Mr. Frederick brings 20+ years of experience in the security and technology industries. He previously held multiple roles in both startup and Fortune 500 companies, including those involving software development, software team management and product management for STANLEY Security’s biometric portfolio and industry-leading security management software suite Commander. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

Advisory Board

Benjamin B. Richter

Bradford Airport Logistics – Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Richter is Founder and CEO of Bradford Airport Logistics and Bradford Swissport Logistics, the global leader in Secure Airport Terminal Logistics and the operator of the largest and most sophisticated Centralized Receiving and Distribution Center in the world at London Heathrow.

Mr. Richter is an active member of a dynamic global entrepreneurial and professional organization, Young Presidents Organization and the Entrepreneurs Organization. He has served on the Airports Council International with active participation on Public Safety & Security Committee as well as the AAAE Innovation Forum as a Judge for the industry’s annual Shark Tank. Mr. Richter has also held a number of leadership positions involving non-profit organizations within the state of Texas, including board membership in the Texas Center for the Missing and an advisory role heading the Leadership Development Institute on behalf of the Harris County Sheriff’s department (largest law enforcement agency in Texas and 3rd largest Sheriff’s department in the U.S.).

Mr. Richter has a Master of Science – Industrial Engineering (Engineering Management Program) from the University of Houston, a Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering & Bachelor of Arts – Business Administration from Bucknell University and has completed the Intellectual Property Law curriculum at the University of Houston Law School. He also has a diverse and formal background in advanced systems, re-engineering, and technology expertise including leading-edge computer systems development, and deployment and IT/ERP/Engineering project management.

About Aluf Holdings, Inc.

Aluf is a holding company run by a team of highly-accomplished individuals that operate dynamic, growth-oriented, proprietary technology businesses. These companies are at various stages of development, ranging from established, cash-generating businesses to early stage development companies.

Aluf Holdings, Inc. assists with the scale and development of our businesses, with the goal of maximizing their value, optimizing operations, improving the market’s understanding of these businesses, and exposing them to a pool of accredited investors, based on each business’ industry and development stage.

Additionally, as we continue to grow and develop our primary businesses, we intend to provide our shareholders with direct access to these businesses when we believe it is in the best interests of our shareholders based on company-specific factors, market conditions and other relevant information.

As we execute our strategy, we will operate under disciplined capital allocation principles designed to promote the growth and development of our primary businesses, maximize value for our shareholders and ensure the prudent use of our capital. For example, we will refrain from investing in any new ventures outside of our existing businesses, we do not intend to materially “cross-allocate” proceeds received in connection with distributions from, or sales of our interests in, any of our businesses, among our businesses, and we intend to return such proceeds to our shareholders or make payments on our outstanding indebtedness.

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