The Company and its Board of Directors are committed to conducting the Company’s business ethically, responsibly and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. To assist in those efforts, the Company has adopted several documents by which it governs itself.
The Board of Directors conducts some of its business on behalf of the Company through committees. The Audit Committee reviews the Company’s auditing, financial reporting and internal control functions, and operates pursuant to the Audit Committee Charter. The Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee reviews the Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines, recommends nominees for election to the Board of Directors, makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding executive compensation, administers employee benefit plans, and operates pursuant to the Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee Charter.
The Board of Directors and all of our employees, including all officers, are subject to a Director Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct for Officers and Employees, respectively. These documents describe the way directors, officers, and employees are expected to conduct themselves on behalf of the Company. The Company has a compliance program that provides ways to prevent, detect and correct violations of Company guidelines, policies or applicable laws and regulations.