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Dear Shareholders,

Aluf Holdings has named a new Board of Directors to guide the company into its next generation of development.

Our newly formed Board features an impressive panel of highly-accomplished visionaries – leaders in their own industries – who bring with them extensive experience in technology development and growth to guide our acquisitions, reshape our companies’ infrastructures, and propel them into the future.

The new Board maintains our core concentration of biometrics with a focus on government, healthcare and education. In addition, it has articulated blockchain technologies and identified another initial market focus on aviation. This plays well into the preclosing progress we’ve made toward finalizing our major acquisition in the biometric space which should be announced in the 2nd Quarter.

We believe that biometrics is disruptive, transformative, and revolutionary. When you combine the power and portability of these ultra-identification technologies with zero knowledge storage, encryption, privacy, security and trust available through blockchain, you have a solution that is game-changing. We’re going to be leading the charge of innovation while utilizing these new technologies.

We see a seamless world, one in which a “machine” handles the intricacies, allowing humans to enjoy life in far more efficient ways. Biometrics payments systems using facial recognition will facilitate commerce in online, POS and peer-to-peer payments. Biometrics security will enable only appropriately-authorized access to government buildings, airports and by law enforcement. Biometrics door locks will access hotels, homes and offices and never be lost. And everything can be locked into one single blockchain utilizing smart contracts and a custom app to deliver the proper biometrics data and solutions to the requesting source.

This is the future, and the new Board has redoubled our original goal. We are intent on becoming an industry leader through continuing acquisitions, increasing market share, building our brand, and expansion of our footprint into carefully researched markets with low-cost, high-return sales, marketing alliance opportunities, and rapid brand awareness. All of this will be done with the sole intention of strengthening our bottom line and maximizing shareholder value.

The Board members listed below represent the top of the food chain in aviation, private equity, communications, artificial intelligence, biometrics and blockchain technologies. We are now in a strong position, backed by deep experience, to leverage our expertise for optimum shareholder value.

Chairman of the Board is Donald Bennett, Vice Chairman is Ben Zandi, President and CEO of Fraport USA, and Teresa McWilliams, Interim CEO, and Chief Financial Officer.  Additional Board Directors are Philip Elias, President, CEO of Elias-Savion Advertising and VELOCITY World Media; Dany Bouchedid, Founder and CEO of COLOTRAQ; Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO, ChainNinja; Andrew Moore, CEO of CogxVision; Sanjay Chopra, co-Founder and CEO of Cognistx; Blaine Frederick, Co-Founder and Principal of BDIS; Benjamin Richter, Founder and CEO of Bradford Airport Logistics and Bradford Swissport Logistics; and Gary Morse, Founder, President and Chief Cybersecurity Consultant for Razorpoint Security Technologies, Inc.

Donald C. Bennett

Chairman of the Board

Aluf Holdings, Inc.

Company contact:

Teresa McWilliams, CFO



SOURCE: Aluf Holdings, Inc.

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